Our trained professionals can show you how understanding differences can lead to managing conflict...

Fair Mediation Associates, Inc. offers dispute resolution services to individuals, couples, companies, and organizations of all sorts.

People call on us when they experience disagreement...
  • in marital relationships,
  • in management structures
  • in business interactions with employees, vendors, and customers
  • in social, service, and family dealings of all sorts
At the end of the day, few parties to a dispute want to continue the acrimony and mistrust that go along with conflict. At Fair Mediation Associates, Inc., our associates facilitate voluntary problem solving and are  instrumental in promoting a new story in which everyone involved in conflict comes away feeling like a winner.

Fair Mediation Associates, Inc. is committed to training people how to manage conflict and amicably reach agreements that everyone will keep. Our clients learn communication tools and master communication tools that produce desired outcome in managing conflict.


Fair Mediation Associates, Inc.
3325 Old Lantern Drive
Brookfield, WI 53005

Telephone 414-243-6590

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